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We warmly welcome you to the world of the Rauschmayer Group, which stands for concentrated brand diversity under one roof.


On the following pages you will learn how we work and what we stand for

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With tradition
passion - the way
our success.

Rauschmayer wedding rings and jewelry - since 1963

Rauschmayer is a family company founded in 1963 and based in Pforzheim, Germany.


It specializes in the manufacture of jewelry, particularly wedding rings and engagement rings, and has expanded internationally with its own branches and production facilities in Europe, America and Asia.


The company operates under Rauschmayer Holding GmbH, which includes several brands in different jewelry segments.


In addition to jewelry, Rauschmayer also owns assets in the real estate sector and event locations and added solar energy as an important future business in 2022.

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our brands

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We have been producing high-quality goods for over 50 years and have developed into one of the leading wedding ring manufacturers in Germany. As a traditional company, we pursue the mission of always inspiring our customers with innovative jewelry design and unique product ideas. We offer rings in very different price segments, alloys and styles in order to reach the widest possible target group. You can also be sure that the rings we produce are made exclusively with metals and gemstones from safe and legitimate sources and are always 100% Made in Germany.


BeFree. BeYou. BeVIVA

VIVA means life!

We are in this world to enjoy every day to the fullest, to have adventures and to discover the world.

VIVA accompanies you - with jewelry made of recycled gold and certified diamonds, handmade just for you!

You have to protect what you love!

That is why we not only rely on aesthetics and quality for our products, but also on ethical and ecological acceptability.
This is how we produce in Germany, we only use recycled gold (secondary gold)
and pay special attention to protecting our planet.


There are connections in life that are so deep, loving & endless that you can't put them into words. That's why we're trying gold...

Each personal piece of jewelry from PERSN is unique and is made with a lot of love and craftsmanship exactly when you order it.

Regardless of whether you decide on diamonds or zirconia, gold or silver - the materials always come from a secure source with the highest standards.

You can have your personal items delivered directly to your front door with a clear conscience - our shipping partners always take good care of them.


At Star Creations, we know that finding the right manufacturing partner is critical to a brand's success.

That's why we pride ourselves on being your ultimate one stop service manufacturer for gold, sterling silver and brass jewelry.

Our customers trust us to make the best decisions for their brand throughout the process, from initial design to sampling to bulk ordering. We've covered the production part so you can focus on selling.


Our drive is to build a future-oriented & sustainable company. In a world where mines are a thing of the past and lab-grown diamonds symbolize a sustainable and bright future, VEYNOU will stand as a beacon of creativity, never-ending beauty and sustainable innovation.


Created for eternity, without compromise: 100% laboratory-grown diamonds and recycled real gold in 14 and 18 carats.

Our diamonds are produced in the laboratory in an environmentally friendly manner, with transparent origin and under the highest quality standards and are certified by GIA/IGI.

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We are a full-service jewelry supplier with a support and logistics office, design, development and manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China.

​​Our team has been involved in merchandising, sales, design, development and manufacture of jewelry for more than 40 years.


We specialize in the design and production of fine jewelry and customization including engagement rings, men's and women's bands (both cast and CNC), diamond jewelry, colored stone, gold and silver products.

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Rauschmayer Retail

As is well known, it is becoming more and more demanding

to survive stationary retail. For one

lasting sales success are concepts and

Solutions are required which are pragmatic and

practically recognize the needs of jewelers

and a shopping experience for the end customer

can offer at the highest level – or short



Rauschmayer Curve

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Schloss Mühlhausen an der Enz is located in the midst of the vineyards and offers a fantastic backdrop for your individual celebration.

An absolute insider tip is the 500-year-old romantic outer bailey on the grounds of the castle. The Vorburg combines tradition and modernity like hardly any other event location.


The charming and stylish location has various premises, which are ideal for weddings, birthdays, company celebrations and conferences as well as for other events of all kinds.

At Rauschmayer, traditional jewelery craftsmanship and the latest production technology form an efficient symbiosis and guarantee consistently high jewelery quality.


Service quality and your satisfaction are our top priority, which is why our service teams are always available for you. It is our mission to always guarantee a high degree of flexibility in order to be able to fulfill even the most individual customer requests quickly and efficiently.


We guarantee high quality, the finest craftsmanship, combined with the latest technology. We rely on sustainable production and only use metals and precious metals from legitimate sources. We do not use nickel at all, as TÜV confirms.

Our portfolio includes jewelry from the lower to the upper price range. With a variety of alloys, styles and tasteful designs, we cover the needs of the broad target group and enable the best possible business potential.

Range & Success

Fine Ring Appraisal
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