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Doing good together

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Roland Rauschmayer was a well-known philanthropist who significantly influenced the lives of those in need through his charitable events and donations.


Over the years he has devoted his time, energy and resources to helping those less fortunate and his efforts have had a lasting impact on communities around the world.

Roland Rauschmayer's charitable commitment does not go unnoticed. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions, including a Philanthropist of the Year award from a local charity.

Roland Rauschmayer is a true inspiration for all of us. His passion for giving back and making a positive impact on the world is something we can all learn from.


The next generation bears the same values and will continue to support a good cause.


Technical School | Namoo, Ghana


The construction of a technical school in northern Ghana is intended to prevent young people from migrating to the south of the country hoping for a good education there.

With the aim of giving young people between the ages of 14 and 18 a high school and technical education, they should then have the option of vocational training in craft trades. Lessons are currently taking place on the already completed ground floor, despite Corona.

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classrooms and kitchen | Okauapehuri, Namibia


The big challenge in Namibia is comprehensive school care, since the country consists essentially of farmland and nature parks. A small, but in its significance very big and important step is the construction of more classrooms and a small kitchen with auditorium/dining room in Okauapehuri. 95 children, whose lessons previously took place outdoors, can now look forward to this facility.


One was dealing here with an original Busch school, where among almost impossible

conditions, an attempt was made to give the children a school perspective. Unfortunately, the joy about the completion of the school is currently being clouded by the Corona crisis, so it was open for a short time after the lockdown, but now had to close again.


Rauschmayer hopes that normal school operations can take place again as soon as possible and that the school will be filled with life.

school | South Africa

Another project is being planned in cooperation with the FCR Andrea & Falk Charity Foundation. With the construction of a school in one of the most remote parts of South Africa, children should also be given access to education where it is so urgently needed.

The shareholders of the "Barefoot Addo Elephant Lodge" Falk Raudies, Hanjo Schneider and Roland Rauschmayer provide the land for this.


Press info_Rauschmayer School in Namibia

It is always a matter close to his heart to support children in need and provide financial resources where they are most needed. Roland Rauschmayer lives for this task and is usually very often personally on site to get an idea of the construction progress or the completed project.


One of these projects was the construction of a school building for almost 100 children in Okauapehuri, Namibia, which has now been completed and officially opened. The joy at the completion is great, not only for Roland Rauschmayer, but especially for the children, who can now use these premises.


Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, Roland Rauschmayer was unable to attend the official opening in person this time. Much more important to him than being there, however, was enabling the children to start school on time with a roof over their heads.

To ensure that there is an adequate supply of food, Roland Rauschmayer is working with the Fly & Help Foundation to ensure this. As he did a few years ago in Uganda, where he bought several hectares of land to grow corn and bananas, he is taking necessary steps to satisfy the hunger of the children and teachers in Okauapehuri.

“Building schools in such poor countries is important to give the children an education and thus a future. It is our responsibility to accompany them on their way, no matter where in the world. This is the only way we can create perspectives and fight poverty."

explains Roland Rauschmayer.

Press info_Rauschmayer School in Namibia
Press info_Rauschmayer School in Namibia

Day trip to Europa-Park Rust with foster families from the city of Pforzheim and the Enzkreis


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It is already a tradition at the Rauschmayer house that Roland Rauschmayer personally invites foster families from Pforzheim and the Enzkreis to Europa Park in Rust every year.


On September 11th it was time again and we are relieved and glad that the trip could be made possible despite Corona and that the foster children were able to experience a carefree day with their families.

The only thing that had to be avoided was the joint bus ride and the group picture due to the Corona regulation. The joint pizza meal could take place thanks to the Europa Park hygiene concept.


The total of 250 participants were able to enjoy short waiting times in bright sunshine due to the access restrictions to the park.



Chris and Rico Rauschmayer, the sons of the late Pforzheim entrepreneur Roland Rauschmayer, continue their father's commitment and tradition: 

They invite all foster families from the city of Pforzheim and the Enzkreis to the Europapark Rust and then to eat pizza.


Many families accept this special invitation, so that 200 people (children and adults) spend an eventful  day in Europapark.

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