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With great attention to detail, small works of art have been created in the Rauschmayer house in Pforzheim since 1963. And even if the technology age has found its way into modern production, a lot is still done by hand as it was hundreds of years ago - and that's a good thing! Because no device or machine can - no matter how highly specialized and technical it may be - what skilled hands can do: give the rings an individual soul.

A pair of rings goes through many hands before it can be put on the finger of the loved one on the most beautiful day in life. The noble starting material has to be melted, milled, turned, set, polished and treated in various ways before it can accompany future everyday life as a shiny piece of jewellery.


And all Rauschmayer employees are well aware of this responsibility and great honor at the same time. Through your work, you become part of a life story. You will be your daily companion and a sign of great love.

The marriage proposal is something very special

and of course this one should become one

become an unforgettable moment.

Everyone knows this scene, especially in the

classic love stories: a very special moment when the right person gets on their knees, asks the question of all questions and a perfect engagement ring appears - THE perfect engagement ring.


It doesn't matter if you think it's cheesy or just plain

finds perfect: everything begins with the proposal and the matching diamond ring is indispensable today.

Especially to the design and the wishes of the American market - center stones from 0.50 ct. - we tuned this website.

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VIVA means life

At VIVA we believe that every day has a little adventure in store for us!

As a jewelry and accessory brand, our focus is on making products that let you explore the world. We stand for handmade and high-quality jewelry, for which we only use recycled gold, certified diamonds and hand-picked pearls. Our products impress with their unique surfaces and range from earrings to rings and necklaces to lifestyle accessories.

With pieces in white, yellow and rose gold, we want to make the most beautiful and exciting moments in your life that little bit more wonderful!

In addition to quality, comfort and attention to detail, responsibility is our top priority.

We pay attention to the protection of our planet during the entire production process and work exclusively with certified partners. In addition, our products are 100% manufactured in the gold town of Pforzheim in Baden-Württemberg, which means we can guarantee the highest quality - and have been since 1963.

At VIVA, design meets a thirst for adventure - the perfect symbiosis for the independent, environmentally conscious and adventurous pioneers of the 21st century.

Diamond jewelry rethought

Our drive is to build a future-oriented & sustainable company. In a world where mines are a thing of the past and lab-grown diamonds symbolize a sustainable and bright future, VEYNOU will stand as a beacon of creativity, never-ending beauty and sustainable innovation.

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A young team with a family tradition based in the jewelry trade behind them and the latest technology and innovative ideas in their sights. This is probably the best way to describe the people and their ambitions behind PERSN. The deep desire to be able to offer every customer a unique piece of the highest quality and maximum individuality - that is what drives us! Because it is only through you that a beautiful piece of jewelery becomes a small treasure, full of values that far exceed gold and diamonds.

PERSN is nothing less than the dual future of the trend jewelry industry, which has hitherto been mainly offline and which has been suffering from online trade.

PERSN opens up digital paths to a static offline market and creates a symbiosis of a new, digital buyer segment and stationary retail.


Everything individually – everything just in time. This circumstance promises every PERSN dealer a maximum of profit with the lowest investment costs and without expensive warehousing.

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SCI is a jewelry factory with an affiliated design agency and an outsourcing agency. We see ourselves as a manufacturing service provider for every jewelry demand and every jewelry problem.


Founded in 2005, SCI belongs to the Rauschmayer Group, which has been successfully active in the jewelry industry since 1962 with reliability and high quality standards for international customers.

SCI is a second generation owner and family run business. Rico Roland Rauschmayer heads a team of administration and production employees that is unique in China and has been in existence for many years. Several hundred pairs of hands provide comprehensive support to our customers. To ensure this, we have the best experts who stay with the company for a long time. We pay above average wages compared to the rest of the industry.

We hold all the necessary jewelery manufacturing licenses (approx. 25 in total), have achieved positive results in a number of independent audits and major client audits, have exemplary benefits in terms of occupational safety and social security, and have modern and efficient production facilities. You can see it all for yourself when you visit China with a factory tour? Airport pickup, accommodation and a traditional Chinese dinner included!

At SCI we can discuss your requirements in different languages: Chinese, German, English and Spanish are our native languages. For our European customers we have a customer service and design office in Pforzheim.

Lord of the Rings Guangzhou stands for the production of jewelry in China, but 100% in German hands and leadership - our motto:


German Quality, Chinese Prices.


Our decades of expertise and successes in the jewelry segment in the areas of design, production and distribution are based on more than 50 years of company tradition. As part of the Rauschmayer Group, with its location in Pforzheim, German quality is also the top priority for our place of work in the Far East, but at Chinese prices.

Our clientele includes the most important jewelry and lifestyle brands that are active on the Chinese and Asian markets.

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Our designers and craftsmen have designed and created engagement rings for some of the best known brands and retailers in the US and UK.

If you are interested in running or developing your own engagement line, we have several solutions that we can offer.

We created our private label collection to help retailers and designers better meet customers' everyday needs by offering contemporary designs executed with masterful craftsmanship and available at reasonable prices.


Designed and developed locally, our collection consists of a variety of engagement rings, anniversary rings, eternity rings and diamond jewellery. All of our engagement rings are designed with matching bands.​

POS rethought...


As is well known, it is becoming more and more demanding to survive stationary retail.


For a lasting sales success are concepts and Solutions asked which are pragmatic and practically recognize the needs of jewelers and a shopping experience for the end customer auf can offer at the highest level - or briefly said:


Rauschmayer Curve

- Stylish sales ambience from 14 m² (3.5 x 4 m)

- fully equipped, up-to-date

- flexible payment options

- can be visited at any time in the new

  Rauschmayer Store in Baden-Baden

- for more information:  please click

They are interested?

Feel free to contact us for our manufacturing weeks on.

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The day on which you say yes should be a special event that the couple and guests will remember for a long time -

a fairy tale wedding!

Mühlhausen Castle on the Enz offers everything your heart desires. The castle was built in 1566. After a centuries-old, checkered history, the jewel waited for many years in a slumber before Roland Rauschmayer acquired it, extensively renovated it and filled it with new life.


Because the wedding ring manufacturer believes in marriage, they are happy to make the lock available to couples who want a unique fairytale wedding.

Couples can choose from three different wedding rooms for the ceremony. Whether small and romantic or large and glamorous - the Rauschmayer Castle can fulfill many wishes. The civil wedding takes place directly in the castle. Couples can only get married here or experience their lavish wedding party in the castle after the ceremony.


But not enough with wedding events! Birthday parties, company seminars and club celebrations are all welcome guests who appreciate a stylish atmosphere with a stately history and a good portion of charm.

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